September 3, 2013


Hi all, how was your weekend? I wish you had a great weekend. Well, here in Indonesia is hot lately, so I managed to sharing this mojito recipe with you guys. It makes me cooling down and feel fresh with the cold and sour. I picked the strawberry flavor, you can pick everything that you like. you will need 

strawberry (2 pieces)
lemon (2 slices)
mint leaves (15 leaves)
strawberry syrup (3 tablespons)
soda (100 ml)
ice cube 
and sugar (optional)

August 29, 2013


Hi all, long time no see. how are you? I wish you all doing great. Well, before I start my blogging life again I want to share this little idea. I really fell in love with this pants when I saw Mother of Pearl and Ashish collections. And I think it's cool. It's makes my DIY mind saying "Why I did not make this one!?" since I have so many pants and I think it's a great idea to refresh my collections. What do you think guys?? Btw, thank you for visiting and lovely comments <3
source : pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, and pic 5

June 3, 2013


skirt, shirt (atmosphere) || sandals (zara)

Hi all, how was your weekend? Mine was great. Cause I got gifts from my best friends for my birthday, now I already 24. I love all your presents. Thank you so much Wina, Dini, Mega, Yuan, and to myself. Why to myself? Cause I give present for myself. Do you do the same thing like me?  hehe. Thank you for visiting and lovely comments as usual. 

Happy birthday to me and love you all !! 

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